The Persian Gulf island nation of Bahrain is flattened when a
nuclear bomb detonates.  Iranian-trained terrorists deliver the
Russian-made nuclear bomb by boat and ignite it, destroying Bahrain
and the home port for the U.S. Fifth Fleet.          
One million people are killed, including three thousand Americans.  
This is the action-packed opening scene for Rod Haberer's action
packed novel;  MORAL VENGEANCE.  
Behind the attack is an Iranian Sheik who announces to the world on
an Arab TV News channel that he is responsible – that Iran should be
given credit for finally driving the “Great Satan” from the land of
Islam.  The Sheik has the support of Iranian Mullahs frustrated by a U.
S. Military presence in Afghanistan and Iraq, and funding from a
secretive International Islamic Fundamentalist Cartel, which wants all
western influence driven from the Middle East.
How the U.S. responds to this attack creates a dramatic showdown
between White House advisors who want a full nuclear retaliatory
strike against Iran, and those who want a more measured response—
Jerry Wills is an intuitive Healer, what many call a faith
healer...a man who has devoted his life to helping
others through his unusual gifts.  Jerry is not alone,
there are hundreds of Faith Healers or so called  
Energy Healers in America today.  Some are very well
known, others are not.  

In his new book, "Healer: The Jerry Wills Story", author
Rod Haberer will explore the special gifts of one faith
healer.  And at the same time investigate the science
and  history of a healing technique so ignored by the
modern world for centuries.

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